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S9 Ep22 “Trash of the Titans” with Mike Scully

It's a podcast of celebration as it's the 200th episode of the Simpsons! All in the 195th podcast of the show! And the guys are bringing along the season 9 showrunner Mike Scully to dive into all the behind the scenes details!!! The Diddly men can in this great look into an Emmy winning episode! Plus there's Steve Martin! And U2!

S9 Ep21 “Girly Edition” with Jamie Zeske

Jamie Zeske joins the boys of Best Darn Diddly to bring her expert perspective on this classic Simpsons episode. Enjoy our review of "Girly Edition"!

S9 Ep20 “The Trouble With Trillions”

It's all about the money in this Simpsons ep! And rats!!! Homer's tax fraud pits him in alliance with the FBI as they search for a missing trillion dollar bill! And Miles searches for the plot to this episode, as he looks ahead to the future!!! How will all these topics get resolved!?!?!? No matter what, it will be EXCELLENT!!!

S9 Ep19 “Simpson Tide”

It's all about the facts in this new Best Darn Diddly as Homer is joining the Naval Reserves! But don't expect the facts to be factual, as everyone involved mixes things up!!! The captain even joins in on making some grave mistakes! But all the chaos equals all hilarity when it comes to these guys! So sit down, grab your knife, and achieve your peas with this fun Simpsons ep!!!

S9 Ep18 “This Little WIggy”

Listen to this week's Best Darn Diddly or we will have your mothers make you listen to us! Please? We have a master key to unlock all the other podcasts. Enjoy our review of "This Little Wiggy".

S9 Ep17 “Lisa the Simpson”

Be prepared! Be very prepared! For the dumbening is upon us!!! Wait...that's not even a word! The Simpsons gene is explored on this exciting new ep. So make sure to arm your Frostilicus and be ready! For the end of intelligence is at hand!!!

S9 Ep16 “Dumbbell Indemnity”

Moe will do anything for love, from toilet seat sized steak dinners to insurance fraud. Join Miles and Richie for a deep dive into the softer side of Moe Szylack.

S9 Ep15 “The Last Temptation of Krust” with David Diaz & Tom Murphy

Dallas based comedians David Diaz and Tom Murphy join Best Darn Diddly to discuss Krusty's dive into stand-up comedy. It mostly just turned into offensive jokes and roasting each other. But there's some review  of "The Last Temptation of Krust" in there too. Enjoy!

Best Darn Diddly Ninja Turtles Celebration!

Miles and Richie take a week off from talking about The Simpson's to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the "greatest comic book movie of all time". 

S9 Ep14 “Das Bus” with Dr. Andrew Briseño

The guys are trapped on a deserted island and can't catch all the literary references. So, they called in the "expert"! The streak lives on as Dr. Andrew Briseño returns to give you all the details you may have missed in this crazy Simpsons episode!!! Grab your nerd glasses for this one and prepare for more Ralph-based philosophy!!!